Intention Statement

I have taken the first step in my journey to mastery by starting the MFA program for creative writing. My main intent during this journey is to simply begin a transition in my current life and find new life in a career that supports my life’s task. My Mastery Journey over the next 12 months will lay a foundation for me to make this transition. The coursework within the Creative Writing MFA will allow me to sharpen and hone my writing skill set. My head is full of stories, settings, and characters but I need the formal education on how to translate those to a medium that best suits them. Whether it’s written fiction, graphic novels, or video game world building, I fully intend to utilize the MFA program to complete my journey to mastery as a storyteller.

The coursework in the MFA is exactly what I am looking for to make the transition to complete my life’s task. I am specifically looking forward to The Art of Visual Storytelling, Character Creation and Development, and the Writing Portfolio. These courses will not only allow me to develop within my mastery journey from a coursework perspective but also allow me to interact with other writers and receive feedback and critiques on my writing. Learning writing a community of likeminded writers will be invaluable during my mastery journey. As my portfolio and Mastery Journal blog comes together over the next 12 months will afford me the opportunity showcase my work and network within the various communities of creative interest I have.

As my Mastery Journey begins with my goals in sight I will continue to take one step at a time. Through my MFA program and beyond I fully intended to transition from my current life into my life’s task. I have no doubt the journey will be long but I know I am on the right path and know where it’s going.