Inspiration Post I

As a creative writer focused on the fantasy genre I get a lot of inspiration from role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. Over the years I have collected several books from the early days of D&D all the way up to the newest editions. Oddly I haven’t played the game since a kid in the 1980’s but I still love reading the game books and checking out the art.

From a kid in the 1980’s until today I have always loved the D&D art and have even bought some prints over the years. I stumbled across a great documentary that was recently released about the early days of D&D art. Learning the history behind the art was just as inspirational as the art itself. Hearing the stories of young artists interested in the fantasy genre apply their craft and becoming part of the industry reminds me of the journey I want to take.

The art itself is also very inspirational to me. I can enjoy the art for what it is but at the same time, I am immediately drawn into it. I can instantly imagine how those scenes could play out in a story or use the visuals as jumping-off points for characters or scenes I want to create in my writing.


EYE OF THE BEHOLDER: The Art of Dungeons and Dragons. (n.d.). Retrieved from


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